My Client: River Collective (www.rivercollective.co.uk)

Their Client: ProIce (Granny Gothards)

Concept:​ No

Design: Yes

Managed: No

Production: No

I was approached to take on the design of a new range of protein rich yogurt based ice cream alternatives part way through as a fresh pair of eyes on a project that had stalled. Working with the studio, I analysed the current design and found ways to improve the packaging as it stood, in most cases with simple tweaks to font weights and adjustments to colours and sizing relation of information on the product to make everything as clear and exciting as possible. The final result is packaging that sits proudly on the shelf amongst it's competitors. After the design was approved I created the press-ready artwork for the printers, go on to create lid designs, and finally create photo-realistic mockups using my artwork for promotion ahead of photography of finished packaging.