Client: Dorling Kindersley (www.dk.co.uk)

Studio: Dynamo Design Ltd.


Work carried out: Design of new pages to be rebound and resold, following template to match previous design.

Campaign origination/Style origination: – Dorling Kindersley

Format: Print – Hard bound book

The Marvel Chronicles was the first project I worked on for DK books with Dynamo. We updated the 2007 version of the Chronicles to add a further 17 spreads taking it up to date as of 2013. It was a very tight deadline and required stringent file handling processes due to copyright from Marvel and the way DK require jobs to be created and supplied. It was required that I matched the previous style exactly, as the pages I designed were to be printed and bound alongside the previous unchanged spreads so they had to look identical. One of the most time consuming and visually important aspects of the book was isolating various images and using different blending techniques to keep the spreads each looking varied and interesting. I used a mixture of methods in Photoshop to create the cropped out images, some with a soft faded background and sharp characters, some cut out neatly with no background.