My Client: Dynamo Limited (www.dynamolimited.com)

Their Client: Dorling Kindersley

Concept:​ No

Design: No

Managed: Yes

Production: No

Management of 360 page book on behalf of Dorling Kindersley. For this book, most of the creatives I managed were overseas apart from the consultant who was UK based. My role was to oversee the whole team and ensure the book was thoroughly checked at every stage. I channelled information from the consultant to the overseas creative team as well as proofs from the overseas creative team back to the client's headquarters in the UK. Weekly Skype meetings were held with the team in Delhi and the UK with our progress being reported and issues being raised regularly. Due to the size of the book we broke down into multiple batches and scheduled them carefully so whilst the first batch was nearing completion the final batch was being started. Timezone challenges required a strong grasp of the projects progress to communicate back and forth feedback, queries and progress updates.