Client: Lonely Planet

Studio: Dynamo Design Ltd. www.dynamolimited.com

Work carried out: Design of 8 spreads to match previous books design.

Campaign origination/Style origination: Unknown

Format: Print – Soft bound book

I created 9 spreads for the Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents South America guide alongside a few other designers who also took on a certain number of spreads each. We had to follow the same guidelines and make sure our spreads were cohesive but also make each spread interesting, and display the information in an enticing and not too overwhelming fashion to draw children in to learning about the subject. This book is one of a series of Not-For-Parents books with many other continents and countries covered including Asia and Europe. As you can see on closer inspection the spreads had to go back to the client whilst still awaiting imagery, so there are a few placeholder graphics in my above samples.