Client: Two Bald Blokes

Studio: Brighter Creative Ltd. www.brightercreative.co.uk

Work carried out: Conceptual design

Campaign origination/Style origination: Originated by myself / the studio

Format: Identity design

The Getting in Shape concept was created for Two Bald Blokes, an employee training outfit who are hired by generally large scale companies to come in and challenge certain areas of the company with new ways of thinking and creative ideas for getting employees to approach tasks and problems in  a new way. I have worked on a few different identity ideas for them to be used for different companies. This one, for Land Securities was designed to work alongside four sections of programme.

The idea behind the concept was that the first part of the programme would use the first logo, in it’s most scattered form, the second part the second logo, third with the third and the final logo, tightened and representative of all the employee’s skills and ideas being brought together and forming a strong outcome to be used for the final phase of training.

We have had a few different ideas about creative application and as the idea is quite abstract it leaves many options to be explored, the concept was to be used across all training materials, including displays, literature and stationery.